Learn About Cash Discount Program

Have a question about our services? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Our cash discount program in Dallas, TX is different than most. There are no confusing contracts and all of our agreements are always month to month.

If I don't like this program, can I switch back to traditional processing?

We are sure you are going to be satisfied with the competitive rates on our cash discount program in Ft Worth, TX. However, you can switch back at any time.

Will I lose customers if I implement a cash discount program?

According to Fundera, only 10% of consumers make all of their purchases with cash. Customers understand the convenience of credit card payments, and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. To learn more about a cash discount program Dallas, TX business owners can trust, contact us today.

How long does it take to get started?

When it comes to implementing our cash discount program in Ft Worth, TX, many businesses are surprised at how quick the process is. After we receive your paperwork, the turnaround time is just 7-10 business days.

Are there any monthly fees for processing credit cards?

We offer a straightforward cash discount program Dallas, TX businesses appreciate. Our hassle-free service does not include processing fees or monthly fees. Contact us today for a free consultation.